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Our faces represent each of us as distinctive, expressive, and recognizable individuals. The effects of gravity, sun exposure, weight loss, and time are unavoidable. Eventually, facial tissue and muscles lose elasticity, and the angle between the neck and jaw loses definition. Facelift surgery can tighten these muscles and sagging tissues while removing excess skin. This process will reveal a more defined, youthful, naturally contoured face. Dr. A.H. Nezami is a board certified plastic surgeon in Jacksonville. He is an excellent plastic surgeon who focuses on providing his patients with soft, natural results.


A facelift can neither correct the texture of the skin nor eliminate fine wrinkles, acne scars, or other blemishes. However, treatments that specifically target these issues are available. Several non-surgical procedures can be used in conjunction with facelift surgery, such as microdermabrasion, Jacksonville Botox injections, Juvederm, and IPL laser treatment to achieve optimal results.




Dr. Nezami

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