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A standard facelift is designed to create dramatic rejuvenation of the face by reducing an tightening wrinkles, folds, and excess skin. An incision is made in the hair above the ear and extended in the natural crease immediately in front of the ear and then travels behind the ear and into the upper neck hair. The skin is then elevated towards the central face and redraped in a more youthful position. In addition, the supportive connective tissue of the face or superficial myoaponeurotic system (SMAS) is either pulled, partially removed and tightened, or also elevated and pulled in an upward direction before being secured in a more youthful position. Most facelifts are derived from some combination of these techniques. It is the degree to which the skin and SMAS are manipulated that usually differentiates these facelift techniques. In addition, some facelifts will transition between the skin, SMAS and even facial muscle planes to achieve the desired goals of facial rejuvenation.


Short-scar facelift requires a smaller scar than atraditional facelift. In a short-scar facelift, the scar usually starts in the hair just above the ear and is then extended in the natural crease immediately in front of the ear but then stops at the base of the ear rather than extending behind the ear. As in a standard facelift, the skin and SMAS layers are still elevated and manipulated. To address fat pads underneath the jaw, neck liposuction frequently accompanies a short-scar facelift. A short-scar facelift is best for people primarily looking to refine features of the central and lower thirds of the face around the cheeks and jawline, but who do not have large amounts of loose neck skin.


A mini-facelift is performed with the patient under local anesthesia in the office through a short scar immediately in front of the ear. The skin is elevated and redraped to a more youthful position. The SMAS layer is also repositioned to provide a more long-lasting result. A mini-facelift is best for people who seek an office-based facial rejuvenation that will provide moderate improvements to the central and lower thirds of the face. Combined with fractionated laser resurfacing and other office-based procedures like upper-lid blepharoplasty and neck liposuction, a comprehensive facial rejuvenation can be performed in a comfortable office setting.




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