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As we age or if we are exposed to excess sun or stress, wrinkled skin can develop on the face, neck or forehead, along with fat deposits and folds around the jaws and jowls. While a facelift won't stop the aging process, in many cases it can turn it back. Many of Dr. LoVerme's patients in their early 40s are opting for a "small" facelift that can be done under a simple local anesthesia. Today's facelifts are more natural looking and effective than ever.


Facelift is a common term that often is used to include both a face and neck lift. These are often done together but can be separated in order to tailor the surgery to your needs while minimizing both scars and recovery time. Facelifts can be performed alone, or with other cosmetic procedures such as eyelid or forehead surgery.


Dr. LoVerme performs the newest styles of facelifts. He may perform a short scar facelift which gives the maximal result through small incisions. Similar to the "Lifestyle Lift", these small procedures can be accomplished in a short amount of time with a fast healing process for the appropriate patient. This is often called an S-lift or mini face lift, Dr. LoVerme tightens the underlying muscle layer and the skin is then replaced, tightened and secured with invisible sutures in front of the ear.


This "two-layer" facelift, tightens not only the skin but the underlying muscle and fascia for a more natural result. The short scar face lift will improve the area under the chin but does not improve all the way down to the clavicles. To improve that area one often needs a standard face lift which requires an incision behind the ear to give the tightest result or fractional laser resurfacing of that area. Dr. LoVerme will customize theprocedure specifically to your needs.


Dr. LoVerme will discuss with you all of the options to give you the best results. This may include only non-surgical procedures or these procedures may be added at the same time or different time than the face lift. These other options may include fractional laser resurfacing (Active, Deep or Total FX), Face by Thermage, Blepharoplasty, Chemical Peels and Botox or injectable fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, or Radiesse.




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