Dr. Stanley Jacobs

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Aging is inevitable. As the years go by, the skin on your face and neck loosens. Crow's feet appear around your eyes. Fine lines become creases and gradually, deeper folds form. Your jawline sags into jowls, and deep lines appear on your neck. Genetics, gravity, and sun exposure all contribute to the signs of aging.


If you've ever wondered how a facelift in San Francisco could improve your looks, you will want to know what results you can expect. Dr. Stanley Jacobs is a facial plastic surgeon in the Bay area. Dr. Jacobs understands that there is no ideal in a facelift. Rather, the goal is to improve the overall facial appearance and provide soft, natural results.


A facelift will not stop aging and it will not turn back the clock. But, it can give you a younger, more refreshed look. Dr. Jacobs' patients often report that they experience increased self-confidence.


Dr. Jacobs has extensive experience in facial cosmetic surgery and focuses his practice solely on faces. He offers many options for a facelift: traditional facelifts, SynergyLiftTM, Serial VectorLiftTM, and The Dr. Jacobs' Mini Facelift. In your consultation with Dr. Jacobs, he will discuss all of your options and customize a treatment plan that is right for you.




Dr. Jacobs

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