Dr. Jason Hess

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Aging and sun damage contribute to wrinkles, a loss of skin elasticity, and pigment changes. Fluctuations in weight and age-related loss of facial volume can lead to deep lines around the mouth and neck. Some degree of facial aging is normal. However, premature aging can affect self-confidence. Factors that contribute to premature aging include excessive sun exposure, smoking, poor nutrition, stress, and genetic factors. These contributors generally diminish skin elasticity leading to sagging and drooping of the skin.


Dr. Jason Hess understands that cosmetic surgery results are the most ideal when approached on a least invasive to most invasive basis. That is, wrinkles around the mouth may be treated simply with fillers. Forrows on the brow may respond to Botox. A sagging neck may only require a neck lift. When tissue of both the face and neck are loose and sagging, a facelift may be the best option. A facelift is effective in restoring mid-face volume, minimizing jowling, and improving nasolabial folds.




Dr. Hess

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